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Manufacturing Ability

Manufacturing Ability:


1. Factory covers an area of 395000 sq ft, which owns workshop area of 215300 sq ft and research & development center area of 54000 sq ft.


2. Professional R&D center and test center (antenna feed technology lab, microwave test center, antenna far-field test center)


3. Independently design, develop and manufacture all kinds of antenna mould and antenna parts, which can effectively reduce the cost and shorten the lead time.


4. Excellent Production Capacity - 2 or 3 Shifts, able to operate big projects in short time; keep a large stock of goods; prompt and short period of delivery.

Precise CNC machine, dedicated tooling equipment:

1. Structural component processing equipment: CNC Machine Centre, CNC Gantry Milling Machine, CNC Boring Machine, CNC Lathe, CNC Vertical Drill Machine, CNC Cutting Machine, CNC Bending Machine.

2. Panel processing equipment: Panel stretcher, Large-tonnage Hydraulic Machine, Autoclave.

3. Tooling: Single Panel Riveting Tooling, Reflector Assembly Tooling Surface Accuracy Measuring Equipment: MPS/S Single Camera Industrial Photogrammetric System.

4. Electric Performance Test Equipment: Scalar Network Analyzer, Scalar Network Signal Source, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Source.

5. Surface Treatment Equipment: Shot blasting machine, Surface Grinding Machine, Professional Clean Spray Room.