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Congratulation on the success of 2020 HUAXIN Annual Conference & the 35th Anniversary Celebration

2020/01/14 14:09
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On January 11, 2020, Summary Annual Meeting & 35th Anniversary Ceremony of HUAXIN ANTENNA was successfully held at the Golden Dragon Fu Lu Shou Xi Hotel. All the employees of Wuxi HUAXIN and company management gathered together to celebrate the coming Chinese Lunar New Year and HUAXIN’s 35th birthday.

The annual meeting officially opened at 1 pm. After a warm-up game, Ms. Tang Yan, the general manager, gave a speech, thanked all the employees who have gained some achievements for HUAXIN in 2019, and expressed new expectations for everyone in the new year. 

Subsequently, the annual meeting entered the awards session.The company commends the advanced individuals and teams who have performed well in the past year 2019.During the grand ceremony, various games and lottery draw activities were interspersed. Our CEO, general manager and other company management also participated; all people present enjoy the party. The ceremony ended successfully in a happy and festive atmosphere, and we took a group photo.

In the past 35 years, HUAXIN never forgets our initial aim and always forge ahead. We believe only by focusing can we produce high-quality products; only by honesty can we develop for a long time. In the New Year, all of us in HUAXIN will shoulder the mission and work together with new ideas, new attitudes and new efforts. We will forge ahead continuously and strive to implement all the tasks throughout the year.

All the staff of HUAXIN ANTENNA would like to show our sincere thankfulness for your support and choice as always. On the occasion of New Year holiday and the 35th anniversary of HUAXIN, wish you all the best in the New Year!


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